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saved me... – R. C., Tucson, Arizona

“At first I thought thirty dollars was a lot, but this bottle has lasted me almost a year and it has been worth ten times that much in the suffering it has saved me from during this past year.”

thank you! –R. L., Dallas, Texas

“You guys should get some sort of award – outbreaks has been a huge problem for me, and this is the first thing that has worked. And it’s affordable, unlike prescription stuff (which didn’t even work that well for me!). Why don’t more people know about it? Maybe the big companies don’t want anyone to know! Thank you so much.” 

I feel good... –E. M., Hudson, Ohio

“I ordered both Herpalite Tablets and the Herpalite Topical. I only had to use the Topical once (it worked really well and fast), but since then I have not had any outbreaks. But if it happens again I feel good having the Topical around.” 

heals quickly... –V. R., Needham, MA

“I actually have both HSV-1 (mouth) and HSV-2 (genital) and I have started using both the topical and the tablets for both situations. Things are completely different now – I have way fewer outbreaks and when I have one it is not nearly as bad and heals quickly. This is the first thing that has really worked for me.” 

into natural stuff... –M. O., Clovis, New Mexico

“The prescription stuff did not work all that well for me – Herpalite works better, and I am into natural stuff so I prefer not putting a chemical prescription drug into my body every day.” 

...tried everything –E. C., Billings, Montana

“I guess I must have tried about 4 or 5 different things, my outbreaks were really bad last year. So I didn’t really think Herpalite would work, but I was pretty desperate. At first I used just the Topical liquid during an outbreak and it went away really fast. But now I take the tablets when I feel the itchy feeling and usually the outbreak never even happens at all.” 

...worked for me –R. R, Newnan, Georgia

“I have ordered things for my herpes that turned out to be totally useless, I mean they honestly didn’t do anything at all! This is the first thing that has worked for me. I actually read the research on your site so I was pretty hopeful that it would work, and I appreciate the hard work you obviously put into this product.” cold sore! –C. R., Provo, Utah

“I used to get cold sores on my lips and they were really embarrassing. They also hurt. I ordered the Herpalite Tablets and the next time I felt the tingling feeling you get when a cold sore is coming, I started taking them. And I never got a cold sore! I have done it two more times since then and the same thing – no cold sore! Anyway I thought I should email you guys to let you know and thank you." 

gone in 4 days... –T. T., Vernon, Florida

"I got genital herpes about 4 years ago. I get pretty regular breakouts. The sores used to last about 10 days, but with Herpalite Topical they are gone in about 4 days. That is faster than with anything else I have tried. They also never get really big and infected and painful anymore." 

incredibly fast! –R. B., Carthage, Tennessee

"I had tried one or two of the ingredients listed in Herpalite by themselves before I heard about Herpalite, and they didn’t help much. Maybe it’s the combination you use, or it was the wrong amount or the quality wasn’t good. Anyway, Herpalite Topical cleared up an outbreak I had incredibly fast. I take the Tablets now and I have had only one very mild outbreak instead of 5 or 6, and the Topical liquid made it go away quickly."

short and mild –C. S., Los Angeles, California

"I am not in a relationship and I don’t have many outbreaks so I have just been taking using the Topical Liquid if I get a outbreaks. I am not trying to use it to prevent outbreaks. Anyway I start putting on the Topical when I feel an outbreak coming on and it is incredible how short and mild outbreaks are now. Sometimes I don't even get the sores at all."
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