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Reduce Cold Sores & Herpes Pain Naturally
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Daily Tablets
Having an outbreak can sometimes often feeling like you're fighting a secret battle behind closed doors. You against a viral machine. So we created the Daily Tablets to help reduce outbreaks in the first place. Maintain your health, regulate your immune system and forget about fighting the battle against nasty outbreaks. Your daily dose has arrived.
What Our Product Is All About:
Secret #1: How To Regulate Outbreaks
High Potency L-Lysine combined with traditional Chinese medicine herbs helps combat outbreaks fast.
Secret #2: How To Speed Up Healing
Hand-crafted blend  of essential oils like peppermint and aloe vera helps   regulates healing on the outer layers.
Secret #3: How To Maintain Healthy Skin
Self Heal extracts, L-Lysine & Licorice Root maintains healthy immune systems keeping outbreaks at bay.
Outbreak Battle Royale
If you've ever experience a viral outbreak, you might remember the first one to be extremely painful, uncomfortable and worst of all, completely embarrassing. Fighting day and night an invisible army, can be exhausting, draining and confidence destroying. Gain back your life, get back your confidence, live without embarrassment and live without outbreaks pain. That's why I created Herpalite products. For people who want natural solutions to nature's problems.
What People Are Saying:
“I ordered both Herpalite Tablets and the Herpalite Topical. I only had to use the Topical once (it worked really well and fast), but since then I have not had any outbreaks. But if it happens again I feel good having the Topical around.” 
–E. M., Hudson, Ohio
“You guys should get some sort of award – outbreaks has been a huge problem for me, and this is the first thing that has worked. And it’s affordable, unlike prescription stuff (which didn’t even work that well for me!). Why don’t more people know about it? Maybe the big companies don’t want anyone to know! Thank you so much.” 
–R. L., Dallas, Texas
“At first I thought thirty dollars was a lot, but this bottle has lasted me almost a year and it has been worth ten times that much in the suffering it has saved me from during this past year.”

– R. C., Tucson, Arizona
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